The Best Chirash

Dry Aged Fish at The Joint

The Joint Eatery in Sherman Oaks has the best Chirashi box in Los Angeles because they use Dry aged sashimi. Liwei Liao & fishmonger team prep seafood with a dry aging technique, giving their fish an incredible taste and texture.


I have fallen in love with every bite in this incredible Chirashi box which includes Santa Barbara spot prawns sprinkled with smoked trout roe, Ebodai, Sliced Hokaido wagyu wrapped around Muki Hotate Scallop, slices of New Zealand Ora King Salmon, Miyagi Suzuki, Baja Kampachi, San Clemente Maguro Akami, San Clemente Maguro Chu Toro, Hokkaido Ikura & Uni, and Astrea Kaluga Hybrid Caviar!


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