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I’m Jessie, an LA-Based food blogger with a genuine passion for going on eating adventures, sharing stories about the food community, finding the hidden hacks to accessing great eats, and keeping fans up-to-date with insights about new finds. 

I’m proud that I never post ‘just to post,’ but come from a place of honest excitement and support. My sincere passion coupled with an authentic approach to sharing has helped me build a loyal following of over 20,000 and growing, including some of LA’s best chefs and food critics (LATimes, TimeoutLA, Food & Wine). I love using photography and video to bring awareness and insight into new spots and products, and continue to find new ways to inform and excite my audience.  As an actor I have always loved being in front of the camera. Now I'm using my entertainment background to create videos through the lens of the food world. One day I dream of hosting my own tv show on Netflix as the younger, female Phil Rosenthal!